The Songs in My Head

I wonder sometimes what to post on here.  Does it need to be deep and philosophical?  Does it need to impart the emotions and motivations necessary to make great educational changes?  Or does it sometimes just become a venue for fun?

Well, if you’re looking for something deep- this may not be the best blog post for you. If you want a dip into some fun and frivolity- well, read on.

Everyone has gotten a song stuck in their head, right?  It happens to me almost daily.  I’ve spent time trying to decide why some songs get caught- is it the catchy tune?  Is it some deep hidden meaning in the lyrics?  Is it an unconscious answer to some question?

The only thing I know for sure is that once it’s in there- it’s in there. There are several ways I deal with songs that get stuck- some are more successful than others.  My favorite, though, is singing around the kids in my class.  I must tell you, however, this often leads to hands clapped over ears and kids saying, “noooo!”  But you know what?  I do it anyway.  I believe in the power of music and that it should be shared. They may act scared or scarred for life because their teacher sometimes sings, but I see joy and laughter coming from them.  Who doesn’t need a moment of joy?

So here are the five songs that have been stuck in my head recently:

As you can see, there’s little rhyme or reason to the songs that lodge themselves in my mind.  There’s a lesson in faith, a couple of  songs that remind us to be who we are, a song for hopes and dreams,  and a song that reminds us to be there for our friends.

All I do know is that when a song gets locked in, I’m more than happy to sing it out.

What about you, readers?  What songs have been stuck in your head?  How do you get them out?


3 thoughts on “The Songs in My Head

  1. I love the songs that play over and over. I’m not sure either whether they will/do have significance of another kind. My daughter (14) has been singing the Frozen song Let it Go – and has raved so much about loving it that we finally sat down to watch the movie. Great song – so many good messages. Thanks! This is not frivolous at all – it is totally relate-able.

  2. This is a great post. I love that you posted the videos! That was fun. I think a song I get stuck in my head is ‘Happy’ – not even sure if that’s the official name – I just love it. And I think another one just takes over at some point, or sing it aloud as you do! I love that.

  3. What I think of various earworms definitely depends on the song and how well it matches my mood at the time. I shared music with my students yesterday–not with my singing (that would scar them) but with a YouTube video of a song about participles based on a pop song by Rhianna. All my students told me they would be scarred, but they were singing along by the end…”every modifier needs a subject that matches…”

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