As I look at the computer screen, I realize that I have probably missed the posting deadline for Day 14’s slice. I wish I had a great reason…I really don’t, other than I got lost in the factions of the Divergence trilogy. I had a vision, when deciding what to post about the missed slice, of an excuse note. You know, the dog ate my homework type.

Dear Readers,

Please forgive my forgotten post. I was swallowed. I was unable to write because I was deep in the headquarters of Candor, waiting to see how Tris and Tobias would fare, and what would become of the Dauntless. While I forgot my sense of Abnegation, I implore yours to forgive me. I will post again tomorrow, to show my Amity. By then, I hope to know what becomes of Erudite.

Please excuse my missing post, as I was swallowed.



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