You Are More Than A Test Score

Dear Indiana Teachers,

It’s that week again- ISTEP+ week. As an early grades teacher, it’s something I don’t have to anticipate. What I do endure, though, is the pain and stress I see on my friends’ faces as our children, -yes, I said CHILDREN-take a flawed test that has an enormous impact on the teacher’s “supposed” credibility and effectiveness.

I don’t buy it. You are more than your students’ test scores.

You are the love, the support, and the humor that you bring to your kids each day. You are the wonder, the excitement, and the thirst for knowledge you give your students. You are amazing.

In a week of testing, be sure that just as you remind your students how good they are and how well they can do, you remind yourself of your value as well. You are more than their test score.



10 thoughts on “You Are More Than A Test Score

  1. Love your words of encouragement! As teachers we see so much improvement in students’ skill during the year that a standardized test just doesn’t seem to capture very well.

  2. Kudos to you for seeing the need to encourage the teachers around you! I don’t live in Indiana, but thank you for your encouragement (we are in the middle of testing all our ELLs).

  3. I am so grateful for your post. Test scores can suck the fun and enthusiasm right out of teaching AND learning. So sad…

  4. We start testing this week in Colorado! When I taught 1st grade, my eyes glazed over when staff meetings were about state testing. Now as a 4th grade teacher, I appreciate your letter of support. It used to be a magic month in 1st grade, now March is a different month for me as a teacher.

  5. Encouragement needed for all educators in this time! I hope to teach long enough that I will be able to look back on this time of testing frenzy with wiser eyes and know that we have learned to make better decisions for our children’s education.

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